Hellooo! I’ve no idea how else to start this, so here goes.

I’m Ryn, and I’ve recently joined on to help translate DxD to English. I’ll be mostly focused on short stories and their collections, so you can look forward to those.

The first short story is already posted, which you can check out on the sidebar or click here.

Huge thanks to the guys who helped edit it and assisted me when by brain fried trying to comprehend some bits. (I’ll be sure to get a list of everyone and credit them on the main story page soon.)

See you soon!

17 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Any idea when we can expect the first chapter or DX5? I’m more excited for that than I am the rest of Shin 3. No rush since it’s the holidays, just curious is all.

    1. Not entirely sure. I put time into it when I have it available, but it isn’t exactly the highest priority of my list right now. Hopefully will be able to speed up when things clear up around the start of the year though.

  2. Ryn, seeing as Mr.leoo has announced that he wouldn’t translate Shin DxD anymore due to his real-life duties, such as work, college, etc. I was wondering if you would be able/willing to take his place and continue to translate the series?

  3. Thank you so much for taking on DX5 bro. no pressure or anything but it would be so cool if you could also pick up True DxD if you happen to have the time for it. but we are more than grateful for the fact that you are willing to do the side volumes for us. you are awesome dude

  4. Since Leo has quit translating, do you think you could at least finish Shin vol 3 for us? I’m grateful for whatever you work on either way I just want to at least finish the story!

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