Part 1

On a certain day…

Suddenly, Rias said something shocking.

“What do you think…about opening up a private cafe in Kuoh Town?”

I had to ask Rias to repeat what she said. After finishing dinner, we all relaxed in the living room to discuss this sudden cafe idea together. Rias elegantly sipped her cup of black tea before speaking.

“Yes, after the alliance of the Three Factions, Azazel purchased real estate for Team DxD. In fact, the property’s top floor is already suitably furnished and laid out for it.”

…Sensei’s inheritance… I couldn’t say it, but Azazel-sensei was fighting a war inside the Isolation Barrier Field. It might be rude to say, but just how many properties did that guy own in this town…? The office in which we, the Hyoudou Issei peerage, were working out of for our Devil’s Job was also owned by Azazel-sensei. Rias smiled while proposing this to us.

“Well then, let’s go, shall we?”

And with that, we all went to go check out the building in question. It was the top floor of a building in Kuoh Town’s shopping district. We teleported to the top floor directly using a magic circle. In front of us was an empty store. On the inside — was a restaurant-like area with a wide floor. I looked around while spinning and said,

“…Unbelievable. The floor plan is laid out just like a restaurant.”

This was the town I was born in and live in, but I didn’t remember this building…I think. But I had no idea what kind of store was here before… Even though it was so close by, I had no clue about the details of some things… I noticed the light in the back was on. Someone suddenly made an appearance from the back — it was Irina!

“Ah, Ise-kun, Rias-san! And everyone else!”

After dinner, Irina, Asia and Xenovia had said “We’ve got a few things to go do, alright?” and left the house, but… This is where they came!

“Irina, is this what you had to go do?”

Irina responded to my question with,

“Yep, I’m preparing the shop. It seems the Church is supposed to be the ones running it. But I’m not the only one here preparing.”

But then…where are the other members right now? Irina sent a look towards the back and,

“Ise-san, Rias onee-sama and everyone else. You came!”

“You all came, huh.”

Asia and Xenovia made an appearance. More people that I didn’t recognise came out as well.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the Hyoudou peerage.”

With that voice, Lint Sellzen and a beautiful girl wearing a black sister’s outfit appeared! The other woman dressed in a black sister’s outfit was Mirana Shatarova-san! A sister in the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Ace of one of the Four Great Seraphs, Gabriel-san! Her eyes, which were ashen grey with a tint of blue, were very pretty. Her beautiful ashen blonde hair felt wasted under her veil, only peeking out on occasion. She also participated in the International Rating Game Tournament with the team of reincarnated Angels which Dulio leads as the [King], Joker. We, the Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth team, fought against them in the preliminaries.

“…Good evening.”

Maybe because she didn’t know us very well, her face was dyed red and her body kept fidgeting. This girl was just so cute! Even better, she had such huge breasts…! By the way, in the game against each other, I had used Dragon Deification’s [Dress Break DxD] to tear her outfit off! At that time, I saw her naked body… I carved a vivid image into my brain for later use… Gufufu! What massive oppai she had!

“…Senpai, you’re making a lewd face again.”

Koneko-chan called me out for it again! How embarrassing!


Mirana-san hid her breasts with her hands while making a cute sound. Even though she was wearing clothes now, it seemed she was embarrassed about being reminded of that time. I’m sorry, but that pose was just too cute! …Well, it would probably be even more unpleasant for me to talk to her about it.

Oh? Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the figure of a person. From the bathroom door, someone’s face appeared — a white-haired young boy. He had to be somewhere around eleven or twelve years old? For some reason, his face looked very familiar. Lint-san said,

“Ah, that boy, huh? That boy is the promising product of the Sigurd Institution. There you are, come over here, will you?”

Lint-san beckoned the child…but he became embarrassed and ran back into the bathroom. 

Ah, the Sigurd Institution — it was the place where the Church trained white-haired warriors. Their goal was to create a warrior who could control the Demon Sword Gram from the blood of the hero Sigurd. The insane priest Freed and the Hero Faction’s assistant leader Siegfried were also from there, as well as Lint-san.

So that’s why. He looked a lot like Siegfried. The organisation must have pulled from the same gene pool, which was why his face looked similar. The same was true for Freed and Lint-san as well. Lint-san introduced the boy to us.

“This boy’s name is Sigmund. Those of us from the organisation call him Sig. He’s made up of half of mine and Freed aniki’s genetic information and half of Sieg’s genetic information.”

The boy slowly came out from the doorway and made his way over to where we were. Lint-san told us,

“We got an order from the Vatican telling us to put Sig-cchi to use here. Headquarters didn’t know what else to do with him.”

Ehh, so they transferred one of the organisation’s promising individuals here, huh? And Lint-san calls him “Sig-cchi” as well. Even though he kept staring at us, it seemed like he wouldn’t open up, so I guess I’ll talk with Irina first. I said to Irina,

“Actually, I only just heard about this shop from Rias earlier.”

“Oh really? Ise-kun only just heard about it? Well, we’ve known about it for a few days now. And so, that’s why we’re all cleaning it today.”

That was Irina’s reply. From what Irina said earlier, this shop was the Church’s responsibility, wasn’t it? Well, there were members of the Church here in the middle of preparing the shop too. I glanced towards Rias, and she began explaining it to me.

“Regarding this shop, the higher ups discussed it. This building belongs to the Grigori. The shop itself belongs to Heaven. The production of it is left to those in the Hyoudou household, who are from from the Underworld.”

It seemed like an arrangement from all three factions. Rias used her magic to summon a stack of papers. She then placed them on the counter for all of us to see.

“Issei, leave the store’s interior design to the Gremory Hou… Leave it to me. I’ve already ordered several of the tables and stools. I already have plans to make a shop like this.”

The documents showed the plans for the shop when it would be completed. It had a chic aspect to it with a calm atmosphere. The stools, tables and sofa were all very elegant. It seemed there would be seperate rooms available for those who wanted to talk in private.

“As expected of Rias-sama, your design sense is brilliant.”

Looking at the design drawings, Ravel was admiring Rias’s design sense. Xenovia, who had a mop in her hand, said, 

“Still though, I think it’d be good to make the private [DxD] cafe stylish.”

“Having a secret shop like this had my heart pounding just thinking about it!”

Irina also expressed her agreement. In response to that, Rias said,

“[DxD] has been gradually growing in members ever since it was formed. However, there are some members who don’t often get to interact with each other. I think it’d be lovely to have a place where those who don’t talk with us on a daily basis can come and have a chat. I’m hoping that this can become that sort of place and have designed it with that in mind.”

She’s right. The members of [DxD] haven’t really talked much other than when we’re fighting enemies. Actually, we could have a noisy and laid back party when we open, but it might be hard finding a time when everyone would be available. Every member of [DxD] had their own role and position before joining. Plus, if you also included the support members, that’s a huge amount of people. I’ve talked to a lot of the members, but there’s definitely still bound to be many people that I’ve yet to talk to. I asked,

“So then, we’ve got customers, but who’s going to run the shop?”

Irina made a V sign with her hand while responding.

“We Angels will be in charge of the basics! Also, the Church staff, Asia-san and Xenovia offered to help. Everyone else also said they’d be happy to help out in their spare time!”

Ah, I get it. The Angels, Asia and Xenovia, as well as the Church’s staff, would take care of the standard operations. Well, I guess it’s only natural that they’re in charge. Oh man, wouldn’t it be great to be served tea by an Angel! Xenovia and Asia were both really enthusiastic about all this.

“Leave it to us! Everyone will look forward to coming here for the cute girls!”

“Yep! I’m looking forward to it!”

Rias and Akeno-san, who were producing it all, were also talking about it excitedly.

“Now then, Akeno. What shall we do? First off, we’ll need coffee beans, tea leaves and the like, and a branded set of tea supplies would be nice too.”

“A snack menu would be a good idea too, don’t you think? Sandwiches are a must… Rice balls would be interesting too.”

They spread open some paper and began discussing what sort of things would be on their first menu. Suddenly, Koneko-chan asked Rias,

“…Rias nee-sama. What will the name of the store be?”

Rias put her hand on her chin and began to think about it.

“You’ve got a point… That is pretty important. Hmm… Do the Angels have any suggestions?”

Rias asked Irina. Irina let out a strained laugh.

“Actually, various suggestions have been made and are pending. If you name it after a Saint, then Devils and Fallen Angels may have issues entering the shop because a divine protection may go off in it. But at the same time, if we use a name from the Underworld, then what about those from Heaven?”

Rias nodded after hearing this.

“…I see. Well, we’ll decide on it later, I guess. We’ll have to get a signboard too.”

I asked Rias,

“Well then, when do you plan to open up this shop?”

“The plan is to open up next week.”

So soon! Well, the chairs and tables and such were being handled by the Gremory staff, so I suppose it’d be done with their demonic power. And it’d also have a limited customer base, so we didn’t need to have a load of food and ingredients. And that’s how it was decided to open a cafe exclusively for the anti-terrorism team [DxD].

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