Part 5

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On yet another day…

“Ikuse-san, what club have you joined in your college?”

“For now, I’m only in the culinary study club, but I don’t really show up much except for my duties and bartending.”

So went the conversation between Rias and Ikuse-san. It was a rare combination of myself, Rias and Ikuse-san! Ikuse-san was the second cousin of Akeno-san, Rias’s Queen. Rias and Ikuse-san had both just started attending university together. I thought about joining their conversation, but their conversation was interesting, so I chose to just listen for a while. The conversation between the two college students seemed to be about their college life. Rias said,

“It’s nice to have a Japanese Culture Study Club at university, though we can’t just travel around Japan for research at a moment’s notice…”

“And the other members? Other than Akeno-chan, are the rest of the members normal people? I heard rumours that they’re all women.”

“They’re all girls who know of our situation, you know. There are also a lot of special cases among their families, so when it comes to famous Japanese places…”

“There are cases of techniques being applied to them, like evil repelling charms and barriers against possessors of supernatural powers, huh?”

Rias nodded at what Ikuse-san said.

“Though, since the alliance between the factions, Akeno and I sometimes get permission in special cases, because of our involvement in [DxD]…”

“So that means those other people with supernatural powers or unique abilities have a hard time going to Japan’s famous places, huh?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Due to this, I’d like to have a talk with the Himejima clan through Akeno about that… with the Five Principal Houses.”

“Ah… The Five Principal Houses… They’re quite troublesome, aren’t they?”

Ikuse-san said that with a bitter laugh. Rias also let out a bitter laugh.

“You’re speaking from experience, aren’t you?”

I was listening to the conversation between the two college students from beside Rias. When you come to this cafe, you often hear an interesting combination of conversations, and it can be really entertaining. However, sometimes the atmosphere is gloomy, and you have the conversations to match. That was the scene that I came across that day.

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