Part 4

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I decided to visit the cafeteria yet another day, and I noticed certain people. 

“Hey, manager-san, what’s my rank amongst the women?”

“Wha–, that’s too blunt!” 

I could see Roygun Belphegor-san and Ravel had gathered together, apparently having an outrageous conversation. I did want to join them, but it seemed like a private conversation between the two so I had no choice but to overhear the conversation sitting somewhere else.  Roygun-san said,

“Because I’ve been exiled from Belphegor, I’ll have to find a husband, but the age gap is too big, and a former human man would most likely see me as their granny”

Ravel-san soothed Roygun-san, 

“That’s not a problem. From the eyes of a human, as long as you have the appearance of a woman, they’ll find you attractive.”

“I hear that a lot…”

Roygun-san sighed sadly, and then asked Ravel, 

“By the way manager-chan, since you’re his manager, you take care of various things for him, right? “

“Of course! As his manager, I am the one who accompanies him everywhere and helps him in whatever way I can!”

Roygun-san laughed at Ravel’s words of joy, 

“Then that too?”


While pondering, Ravel seemed like she suddenly realized something and her face turned bright red

“No-nnnnnn, I wouldn’t do that kind of thing!!!”

Ravel answered with a raised voice. Roygun-san showed an expression of joy upon seeing Ravel’s amusing behaviour. 

“What about in the future? “

Upon hearing that, Ravel blushed, 

“Aaah, in the future, I… I… “

“Rather, if he asked you now, would you decline?”

“De-Decline…? Well I…”

“If you turn him down, that might be bad.”

“W-Well, yes…”

Ravel’s face had become as red as a tomato. 

“You’re very lecherous, Roygun-sama.”

“Oh no, I didn’t mean anything indecent…but what did you think that is?”

Ravel saw cheerfulness in Roygun-san’s eyes, who was one obscene onee-san. Despite this strange atmosphere, I felt it was good seeing Roygun-san talking to Ravel.

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