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When I visited on another day — Vali, Bikou, the current Zhu Bajie (a pig-shaped humanoid Youkai), and a cute middle school student, the current generation Sha Wujing-chan, who had fluffy scarlet hair, were seated surrounded by a large number of people. On the opposing seats there were the first generation Sun Wukong (The Victorious Fighting Buddha), a humanoid youkai looking like a stout pig — the first generation Zhu Bajie (Cleanser of the Altars), the one with a skull necklace hanging from his neck and ample moustache — the first generation Sha Wujing (Golden-bodied Arhat), and a boy in clothes reminiscent of a lotus — Prince Nezha. Each one of the Journey to the West team’s splendid members was present here! This might be the first time the current Journey to the West members and the first generation Journey to the West members were sitting in a room together!

The current Journey to the West members…everyone except Vali had sweat pouring down their faces, as they were all very nervous. Bikou wasn’t any good at interacting with the first generation Sun Wukong jii-san. The current generation Zhu Bajie and the current generation Sha Wujing-chan must also think very highly of their first generation counterparts as well. While the first generation Sha Wujing jii-san was eating a parfait, he asked Vali and the others,

“What’s been up lately?”

Bikou smiled stiffly while replying,

“La-Lately? What do you mean?”

The first generation Sha Wujing jii-san explained,

“Why don’t we get straight to the point? The pig’s descendant is an M[1], and my descendant is a JC[2]. And your leader is Va-kun?”

Instead of going for Bikou, he addressed the leader of their team, Vali. What’s more, the first generation Sha Wujing jii-san called that guy “Va-kun”… Vali said,

“All three of us fight well in the tournament matches… Well, we do occasionally have moments where things get out of order.”

In response to that, the first generation Sha Wujing jii-san said,

“Mine, Wukong’s and Bajie’s descendants, you all have talent, but…you’re all immature, or rather, you’re all lacking self control…”

Next to the first generation Sha Wujing jii-san presenting his honest opinion, the first generation Zhu Bajie jii-san finished his parfait in three bites, caught the shop attendant Asia, and asked her, “I’ll take another one of these please. And by the way, are there bigger servings of it?” The first generation Sun Wukong said, 

“Well, you’re no worse than these guys when we were younger. You see, when I was traveling with my master, my master and Bajie drank the water from the Mother-and-Child River in the Women’s Kingdom of West Liang.”

The first generation Sha Wukong jii-san reminisced on those memories many times over.

“Ah, there was that, too. My master and the pig got pregnant. If you drink the water there, it makes you pregnant.”

“That country only has women in it. But still, it was fun, Wujing.”

“Good grief…”

A country of only women!? …Surely there was such a story in “Journey to the West”! I had thought it was just a made up story… I’ll have to ask more about that story later!

While the first generation Sun Wukong and Sha Wujing jii-san were talking, the current generation members had no choice but to just constantly respond with “…huh“ and “so that’s how it is…” and such. Next to them, the first generation Zhu Bajie jii-san was happily eating his massive parfait, and Prince Nezha was wiggling around in his sleep. During all of this, there seemed to be something that was bothering Vali, so he asked the jii-sans.

“…By the way, just now, you called me ‘Va-kun’ –”

As soon as that left his mouth,

“Well now, thanks for always looking after my Va-kun.”

A beautiful blonde Magician appeared sitting next to Vali — Lavinia Reni-san! Even Vali seemed surprised by her sudden appearance! Leave it to Lavinia-san to not give myself or Vali even a hint of a feeling that she was there! It seems like only the female party members of the Two Heavenly Dragons have the skill to completely block their presence from Vali and myself! It looked like the appearance of Lavinia-san, who was like a sister to Vali, was a shock to him, since he lost his cool look and instead looked flustered.

“La-Lavinia… Wh-What are you doing here…?”

Lavinia-san replied,

“When I walked into the cafeteria, I saw you engaged in conversation, so I decided to drop by and say ‘hello’ to the people who took care of you.”

At this strange situation the First Generation Sun-Wukong laughed and commented, 

“Hahaha! I got to meet the Ice Princess the other day, and amongst other things, we discussed looking after the White Dragon Emperor. “

Upon hearing those words, Vali covered his face with both his palms as an expression of being flustered and nervous. I could confidently say it because I knew my arch-rival very well. But I could understand how embarrassing it was to be called ‘Va-kun’ by the First Generation Sha-Wujing jii-san in front of your acquaintances during a conversation. They might have learned this from Lavinia-san. Next to Vali, the nervous Bikou started to laugh cheerfully, since seeing his leader been made fun of had made him happy. Well, thanks to the appearance of the yellow-haired onee-sama with voluptuous oppai, the tense atmosphere between the current and first generation Journey to the West became quite cool and they started talking much more calmly.

Translator’s notes:
1: Just in case you don’t get it, Masochist
2: Short for “joshi chuugakusei,” ” 女子中学生,” which is a middle school girl.

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